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Let’s talk about the Monakeesa

Where does the name Monakeesa come from?

The monakeesa is inspired by the french painting the Mona Lisa, mainly due to it’s affinity for, and reputation as, preservation of culture. The Monakeesa is heavily inspired by the cultures of this world and thus showcases the most important outlets that contribute to this, such as the arts, writing, photography, film etc. in efforts to introduce and innovate technological advancements in branding.

Why did you have the idea to build it?

The monakeesa was built on the belief that there is not enough attention placed on culture in communications, although it is unconsciously one of the most important factors of attracting an audience and getting people to connect.

How is it successful?

The monakeesa predicts success in the most exciting areas of commerce. Mainly in the food, coffee and tea industries as well as travel and study abroad agencies and initiatives.

How will it help make others successful?

The monakeesa boasts clear and concise communications and aims to identify connections as well as establish strong bonds between customer – company – stakeholders.

What are the opportunities for collaboration at the Monakeesa?

The Monakeesa is a communications hub ripe for collaboration. Calling on all heavy content producers such as photographers, filmmakers and storytellers, writers, and other communications gurus.

About the Founder

Why I chose Marketing….

All things branded are deeply rooted by personal or core values. These values go on to create a culture, as well as lead, motivate and influence.

Marketing as a profession contributes to our society by preserving culture, more specifically brand culture and the capitalist influenced power of choice. The general sense of Marketing goals supports our individualistic thoughts and opinions. Our voices can be heard in the brands we choose, which attempt to express what we believe in. Brands that share our core values represent us, and buying from a favorite brand is a way to learn who you are.

The promises of marketing are abundant when used for the purposes of informing the consumer. Marketing combines art with science to empower, teach, inspire and motivate people by clearly communicating commonalities and nostalgia in a culture through visual media, writing, and language with story, packaging and interaction.


On the contrary, there are threats that I see on the rise, mainly in politics and big corporations ; where social responsibility is ignored and the manipulation of vulnerable audiences is a frequent practice.I do not believe in manipulating vulnerable audiences to buy products. These audiences may be the under educated, the underrepresented and the under-aged. I stand with the integrity of marketing which thoroughly informs the consumer of their choice, shares a value, then targets the informed. I fit in with being authentic and trustworthy to all people by thoroughly informing them of what they are purchasing, throughout my entire marketing career.



More About Me..

My name is Keeshawn (Ki-Shaw-N), or Keesh, I am lively yet calm, eager yet tactful and one brave and ambitious young lady. I grew up in the heart of Philadelphia, where the streets are made of bumpy cobblestone and where you can find a historical site at every corner. My summers consisted of weeks at overnight camps in the Poconos, constantly surrounded by  dewy grass, sappy trees and cicadas. A cross between girl’s girl and tom boy, my favorite times were when I was creating. Starting a fire, setting a tent, making friendship bracelets, or dreamcatchers, here, my hunger for knowing how things got done was always satisfied. Today, beauty continues to fascinate me while strategy continues to intrigue me.

“Today, beauty continues to fascinate me while strategy intrigues me.”

At an early age I realized my potential in creativity. My main concern today, is to become an expert in the matters of social sciences and human behavior, so that I can further my understanding of global communications on a digital as well as physical level.

In all of my experiences living outside of the U.S. I’ve been conditioned to be fast and critical at thinking, resourceful, adaptable, self-motivated and independent. I’ve gained diligence along with my time and project management abilities, self-motivation and optimism. But if there is anything I’ve learned from traveling it is empathy.

If you understand yourself, you can understand everyone else around you. That’s the beauty of empathy.

“To understand yourself, is to understand everyone else around you. It is the beauty of empathy.”

With a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from one of the most innovative colleges in the Northeast, I understand the cruciality of cultivating a voice for target audiences, just as one develops a voice for their brand mission. I’ve done work in analyzing consumer behavior, conducting ethnographic research, market research, inbound marketing, digital marketing, web design and graphic design. Within these experiences, I’ve created campaigns, questionnaires, flyers, comprehensive plans and other interactive promotional items that have been tailored to solve the needs of consumers around the world.

My upbringing, travel history and experiences in Marketing and Design have shaped me into a well-rounded individual with the acumen and right amount of tactical skills to balance my curiosity.